Entry #1

Looking after voice actors.

2011-03-24 16:21:01 by scorp29

Hi guys \o

I'm looking after voice actors to give some life to a little digital comic.

But firstly, I warn you that's for a porn comic, so now you are warned x)

Well, about the comic, it's 6 pages long; and you can already see it there :

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/36 a96f85be80dd7654ca735ee74f7111

As you can see, there is 3 major roles, and 2 minors roles available:

Major roles:

Son : a 18 years old boy : RESERVED.

Goggles : another 18 years old boys : RESERVED.

The hobo who tell the pirate story : RESERVED.

Minor roles:

Mister Pooft : a gay man : RESERVED.

The crowd of hobo : RESERVED.

You can apply for how many roles that you want =)
And all I can give you, are credit at the end; with how many "awesome" words that you want x)

So if you are interested, just note me!

Looking after voice actors.


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2011-03-24 17:19:51

Lolwut? I would definitely not enter a program with that sort of pledge.

scorp29 responds:

Cool story bro =D


2011-03-25 06:21:53

Are you still looking for a voice actor? I'd love to be a part of it. I can do almost any voice you have in mind. Thanks. Totally interested for the role of the boy. I could probably send you the demos by late today, and maybe even Saturday. Keep it open!


2011-03-25 20:00:45

I'd love to be part of it. I can do any role there that's avaiable. I'd love to take a shot at voice acting :)