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I woud take that cute mimic in my room with no hesitation; but carefully hehe

Mwaha, she is lucky!

Not only for the 3 hours rodeo.

But for having immortalized this moment by you x)

I like the diagonal perspective you used for the room, it really point the movement on the bed =)

That, and the tinny droplets :3

I just have something against her left forearm, that look strange compared to her right forearm ù.ù

BizarroJoe responds:

Well, she liked it...! >;D
Hmm... What happened with that forearm was because of the funky perpective. I had to draw it really stretched, and it looks really thin on the wrist... Still, what bugs me most was that the hand was not showing. And, design-wise, it's better to be like that... But I don't want people to think I'm trying to hide the hands like a noob.
Anyways, thank you very much for the review, man!

Good try but..

You won't hide anymore this girl from my eyes!
( It must be the rose that make me pass this one )

Anyway, I have to say that I love this one too =3

HI love what you make with her eyes, they looks likes an clear ocean where you could dive in.

I like also the details around her nipples, like that they look likes so tender and soft :3

And I don't talk about her pubic hair; I found them so realistic that I would wish to have the ability of passing my hand on them, just to caress them..
( But I can, or Abyss will kill me x) )

Huhu, all that to say, I like your new technics =)

BizarroJoe responds:

Yeah, sometimes I just get stuff in my userpage, but not in the Art Portal. They're stuff I think they're not Portal-level or just unfinished, or whatever reason. So I just get them here as a sort of a nod for people who visit my userpage.
Your comment about the eyes sounds like a typical pick-up line. >:D
The nipples was my first tryout at gradients. I couldn't render them the way I used to do it, and I must say, I'm surprised they can look so well... You do well in telling me they're liked.
And the pubes, I'd liked to try some sort of stylisation, but, using tablet strokes, they just begged to be drawn like that. So I coudn't resist.
I really appreciate your detailed comments, they have answered somewhat the questions this drawing asked implicitely.

No hope for you è.é

No need, cause I like it =3

Especially this little rose; that add a little touch of "dangerous sexiness" to her =)

BizarroJoe responds:

It doesn't look bad, huh? Since a long time I've wished to draw more flowers, but my method of drawing made them a pain to render. But this one seems to be more intuitive and quick, so I could actually try to make them now.
And I love your Jcdr avatar, by the way. That version of Abyss was gold.

You know what?

It will be my new icon now x)

Thanks again for this really nice commission =)

And you watchers, go watch is other incredible drawings /o/

Jcdr responds:

No problem, thanks a lot for commisioning me.

Mwaha :D

Haha, thank man for posting my little Abyss here too =3

I hope she gonna lures you some other commissioners here, after the great work you did on her ^^

Nice tribute!

Don't worry, you really well captured its atmosphere =)


You have always the talent to make beautiful mysterious leady sir!

Each new publication from you is a feast for my eyes =)

Oww BizarroJoe...

You have the talent to choose the nicest of the nicest gift!

I envy Shadman on this one =3

BizarroJoe responds:

Hey, actually when it comes to making presents, I'm really picky! I think very hard about the tastes and needings of my gifted ones, and then I search the shops very thoroughly. If I make a present, it has to be a damn good one.
It's just a matter of good will.
Thanks for the comment! You won't be the only one envying Shad, I pressume...

Strangely nice =)

Really interesting character; I'm curious to see more about your serie =)

Kreid responds:

Thanks, the eps all written up and animation has begun, just searching for her voice actor!

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