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Goddam, first time I see someone using so nicely the 3D for into a flash game.

You made a great job !

Binding key option

You should add this option, like that everybody would be happy.

I have to agree with others, your game his kinda hard to play with the actual controls.

Sometime he was dashing when I don't wan tot; and so I fall in several time in the hole >°>

Héhé liked the glasses teleport =3

Is it a tribute to aliens from the game "Zak mac kraken"?

I-smel responds:


Héhé, waiting for the next chapter =3

Your game is really well done =)

But if I could suggest you to put a checkpoint between the first and the second version of the last boss, it would be nice.

Cause it could be really frustrating to kill the 1st version then die 3 seconds after, and have to redone the 1st version to die 5 seconds after x)
( And sometime die 2 second after cause you are stuck in the ground after being charged >_> )

Apart that I really enjoyed the game.

And liked the little zelda wink ^-^

Can't judge it, cause...

It's unplayable with an azerty keyboard T_T

Maybe use arrows keys instead of WASD to move.
Or maybe add an option to customise controls?

Really interesting!

Loved this concept where your decision influence the environment; never seen that before!

Congratz für this creation ^-^

Remember me the good old game..

Likes the humor which remember me Sam and Max x)

Also it's rare this time to see a point and click with voice; congratz for that \o

Same screen bug

Looks likes fun as double dragon; but you could perhaps savings us from the old nes blue screen of death x)

( I think it's perhaps the ad screen which make that ? )

http://img98.imageshack.us/i/bugdn.jp g/

Apart some glitch, the rest was good :)

Well I won't make a huge post, cause "TheSonOfIllidan" resumed what I think about your game :)

Just don't let others decide if you have to continue or not to make games; just made it for your pleasure to make and share them with people who will appreciate it :)

Need an azerty mode x)

Yeah, as you can see, I can't play much of your game, your key mapping is not the best for the azerty users. (in fact it's horrible, you have to push a lower key to jump x) )

It's shame, your game looks like fun.

Bind the arrow keys in another key configuration and that will solve the problem I think x)

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